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Dr. Fote Speaks

Family, Parenting and Marriage Coaching

At times, we need to seek marriage and family coaching in order to begin living the life we have always wanted. All of us desire a fulfilling, healthy, and loving family life, but at times that goal can be difficult to achieve. I have a passion in helping. 

The teen years...for parents with adolescents have many unique challenges that can arise. I will work with you and your family to address any of the issues that typically are faced with teenagers and young adults. Having support in working with your teen or young adult struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, dating issues, or dealing with divorce can make a world of difference for you and your family.

If you are currently engaged and in need of premarital advising, I am here to assist.


Leadership and Life Coaching
Leadership and life coaching is meant to foster mature relationships, better thinking, and smarter decisions for those in leadership roles. It is also helpful for people who want to clarify and improve their leadership style. Leadership coaching is tailored to your individual needs and can be offered to several kinds of arenas, including family businesses, partnership and management teams, large groups, and individual executive leaders.

Management teams and individual executive leader typically want to work on achieving higher levels of collaboration and competence. Executive coaching is motivation training that is aimed at helping corporate executives enhance their effectiveness, develop and enhance leadership competencies to bring value to the organization and ultimately climb the corporate ladder.

Coaching for Churches and Pastors

Coaching for Pastors

At times it's easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated, confused or simply be unsure about what the next step is you are supposed to take. Many pastors have personal struggles to deal with while trying to minister to their flock. I have come along side many pastors and they have discovered the vast benefits of having a Personal Pastoral Coach to help with their ministries, personal and family lives.

Coaching for Chur​​​ches

In North America, churches are becoming stagnant, are in conflict, declining and even dying. I believe that when churches are able to discover their true identity of who God has anointed them to be and begin to pursue that identity, God will bless them and amazing things will happen – more than we can hope or imagine. I have experience helping churches discover their God given gifting and direction, helping them to move off the plateau of compliancy and into God's will for their community.